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AnCamera is an easy-to-use screen capture program
which enables you to scrap or save the whole or a portion of a website or the screen as an image file.
You can save the full screen as an image file. It is useful to capture a web page which is currently out of the viewing area of the window.
Auto Capture
AnCamera can automatically capture screens at an interval.
The timer is also flexible to set up duration at your convenience.
Auto-scroll capture
You can capture a scrollable window or a web page that AnCamera can automatically scroll it down.
Image Editing
Captured file is immediately ready for editing.
[AnCamera User Guide]
For any further questions, please contact us at the email address located at the bottom of this page.
AnCamera is a screen capture program which uses its own active window as capture area at your convenience.
Place AnCamera on the target area and adjust the window size to best fit it.
In order to enhance accuracy, capture area size and
coordinates (X&Y) are shown on the bottom left of the Main Window.
Click the area where the red arrow(a) is placed to set a detailed size
and positions(b). The “Area Setting” dialog box consists of two coordinates
(X&Y) and size (width and height).
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