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End-user software combined license agreement

Please read carefully because it contains very important information. . This end-user software combined license agreement (hereinafter called "License Agreement") is made between E-Biz Networks Co., Ltd and a person or a single business (hereinafter called "User") for the software products which are developed, sold, and distributed by E-Biz Networks Co., Ltd and its collaborating company (hereinafter called "Company").

The software applicable to this agreement includes the entire version of the software (but excluding overseas version) offered in Ancamera homepage (

The software of "Company" may include the date enclosed in "products", media, file, data, printout , online or electronic documentation ("Software") , as well as computer software.

"User" is considered to agree with the content of this agreement, if 'User' install, copy, and operate the "product" in whole or in part in their computer or network. In case "User" does not agree with the terms and conditions in this "License Agreement", they shall not use the "product".

Article 1 [Right of use]

1. In case "User" agrees with this "License Agreement", the following rights are granted to "User" by the "Product".

2. The group of An "Product", including "ankamera", "ancamcorder" can be freely used by individual "User", corporation / (non)-profit corporation / public agencies / educational institutions / PC Bang, and so on.

3. "User" can download or copy this "Product" for legal use." "User" can also make copies of the "Products" for a backup or archival purpose.

Article 2 [Limitations of Copyright and Usage]

1. Any authentic "Product" and its copies should display the copyright information.

2. Copyright and intellectual property rights of "Products", all the accessories, and the accompanied printed materials included in "Product" are owned by "Company". This right is protected under the copyright laws of the Republic of Korea and International Copyright Treaties.

3. "User" must comply with the copyright laws of the Republic of Korea, International Copyright Treaties and other related laws, regarding the use of "Product" shall neither engineer "Product" reversely, nor de-compile, disassemble "Product" unless otherwise implicitly specified in the related regulations; and shall not copy/transform/and modify the components of "Product" in whole or in part; and shall neither reproduce nor copy the printed materials relating to "Products" without prior approval by "Company".

4. In the event of "Company"'s damage arising from the infringement of the copyright by "User", "Company" has a right to claim end "User" for compensation for any damage caused by copyright infringement.

Article 3 [Automatic Updates]

This "Product" has a built-in function, as a normal operation for the update, to perform the communication through the internet. And during automatic updates, arbitrary files will be installed in "User"' computers, when necessary, and the separate agreement by "User" will not be requested and "User" agreement with this agreement will substitute.

Also, when installing or updating, "User" can install the sponsored programs of our collaborating companies under an agreement by "User".

Sponsored programs may include the non-commercial products, such as Internet Explorer helper, vaccine for malicious code, and personal information protection solutions, and so on.

Article 4 [Data collection and use]

1. "Company", collects non-personal information which cannot discern individuals, such as "User"' computer operating system information, "Product" version, and the error information, in order to improve the quality of "Product".

2. "Company" will collect the number of advertising exposure and click number, in order to collect the statistics of the advertisements contained in "Product".

3. Collected data will be used for temporary statistical data and not saved by "Company" permanently.

4. When using this "Product", XVID codec(non-commercial product), will be installed in "User"' computers and registered.

Article 5 [Re-distribution of Software]

1. The latest version of "Product" can be downloaded from the official website of "Company"( and re-distributed.

2. However, in case "Product" is used for the purpose of the benefit for a person who re-distribute, whether tangible or intangible, in the process of commercial/non-commercial use, besides the approved purpose or use, or if the case is considered similar to this case, or in case it violates the policies of "Company", the approval for re-distribution can be immediately withdrawn.

Article 6 [Liability for consequential damages]

1. "User" are solely responsible for the consequences of the use "Product", and responsible for the fitness regarding the purpose for the use of "Product", and quality.

2. With respect to the loss of profits, business interruption, the loss of business information pecuniary loss or damage, and incidental and indirect damages arising from not being capable of using "Software" or not being aware of how to use "Software", "Company" shall not be liable for any damage within the scope allowed by the related regulations, although "Company" is aware of the probability of such damage.

3. Depending on the jurisdiction, there are some cases where the liability for the consequential or the incidental damages as above can be neither excluded nor limited and above limitations may not ally for "User".

Article 7 [Acknowledgment of agreement]

"User" acknowledges that they read and fully understood all the terms and conditions stated in "License Agreement" and they agree with the terms and conditions in this agreement.

Article 8 [Termination]

In case "User" does not comply with the terms and conditions of this "License Agreement", "Company" may terminate the agreement without prejudice to any other rights.

Article 9 [Applicable law and jurisdiction]

This "License Agreement" will be construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Korea, and respect to any legal issue relating to the license of this "Product", the Seoul District Court, in the Republic of Korea, has exclusive jurisdiction.

This Agreement will take effect on August 10, 2010.

[Supplementary Provisions]
For this software, our identical product together with the sponsored products provided by our collaborating companies can be installed at the same time.

If "User" does not want to install the sponsored program, "User" can cancel the sponsored program when installing and updating the sponsored software.

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