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Basic Functions
Option Menu
Capture Button (Short key F2): You can save the target area as an image file in JPG or BMP format.
Auto Capture Button (Short key F3): You can continuously make screenshots at a scheduled interval.
You can set time interval on the Option Menu. (1000 milliseconds (msec) are equal to 1 second.)
Auto-scroll Capture Button (Short key CTRL+L): You can capture a scrollable window or web page at a certain interval.
Clipboard Copy Button (Short key Ctrl+C): You can click the button to save a file directly into a clipboard and insert it
into Photoshop, MS Words, Excel and other programs by Short key (Ctrl+V).
Zoom Button (Short key F5): You can enlarge the target and capture it in detail.
Print Button (Short key F8): You can print the target area.
Auto Coordinate Button (Short key F9): You can automatically adjust the capture area to best fit into capture target.
[AnCamera-User Tips]
① You can use arrow keys (cursor movement keys) to move the AnCamera window
and use Shift + arrow keys to adjust the window size.
② AnCamera has an automatic numbering feature for capture. Push F2 key to set the initial file name
for the target and then the subsequent files will be automatically numbered.
(e.g.) a.jpg / a_00001.jpg / a_00002.jpg
③ If you capture movie through AnCamera, minimize the hardware acceleration of the graphic card by disabling it.
The screen can go white if the program to prevent capture runs in the computer that you are using.
Please do it after you first quite the program to prevent capture if there is the one.
Capture is supposed to be automatically done by scrolling down the program.
There can be lines if location of capture is wrong.
It is automatically saved in the clipboard of Window when you save it in the clipboard.
It cannot be done if there is no enough memory at this moment.
Please use keypads in the keyboard to adjust the size manually.
You can move location with keypads only. And please use Shift + keypads when you adjust the size.
Capture cannot be done and the capture region went black in Ancamera because it plays
on the direct basis in general video players.
If you press ESC when you stop continuous capture, it automatically shuts down.
[AnCamcorder-Further Information]
① Recording Control: You can control total recording volume
② Line Volume: Set the sound volume of line input into a sound card.
③ Microphone Volume: Volume thorugh microphone, headset, and other devices.
④ Stereo Mix: Control all the sounds out of computer speakers
[AnCamcorder-Basic Functions]
Recording button [F3]
You can start recording the target as an image file or video file.
You can save a screenshot of the target area as a JPG at a time interval.
You can also save it as a video file in order to make a video file.
Video Size Adjustment Button
When you click the middle button, the Size dialog box will pop up.
You can select one of seven sizes to best fit the target video.
Automatic Size Adjustment Button
Move and click on AnCamcorder on top of the target video or window
and then AnCamcorder will automatically adjust its own size to best fit the target.
[Option Menu]
Automatic Coordinates Memory: AnCamcorder will remember the last coordinates (X&Y) and
automatically show up for the next execution.
Stay on top: Keep the Main Window on top.
Frame Rate
You can set capture interval for video recording. 15 frames per second are preset.
For general recording, 29 frames per second are used.

15 or less frames: not smooth but acceptable (small video file size)
Around 25 frames: Smooth screen (medium video file size)
Around 30 frames: Very smooth and natural-looking (large video file size)
There can be anything in the screen in case of videos when you record them with Ancamcorder. In this case, you can record them when you set ‘No acceleration of Hardware’. Setting of property of graphics card is shown if you click the high grade button in setting tab of registration information of display. Please set ‘No acceleration of Hardware’ in the tab to solve problems in the property window, click ‘ok’ and record anything.
It’s because setting of stereomix was done. Sounds are played if you set stereomix in the Window system. You canjust use setting of stereomix only if the sound card supports it. The setting method is different according to window versions.
Ancamcorder’s frame setting when it is recorded is based on the period of the recorded file. If it is not recorded, Ancamcorder cannot record it because the period cannot be found. You can normally record anything only if setting of stereo mix should be one as a solution.
For XP, please click the high grade button of device volume in the volume tab of registration information of sound and audio devices. Then, the window to set volume control is shown. The window of property is open if you click property of the option menu in the applicable setting window. Please set the mixer device in the property window to Audio Input and check the radio button in recording of volume adjustment. The stereo mix device is supposed to be shown in the list below. Please click the ‘check’ button of the stereo mix device and press ‘ok’. Then the recording control window will be opened as the property window is closed. If setting of the stereo mix device is ‘mute’, please cancel the ‘check’ button in the pr evious window. If it is ‘selected’, please check the ‘check’ button in the previous window. For Vista/Win7, please click the ‘volume’ icon in Control Panel, the volume window is shown. Please click the recording tab and check if there is stereo mix. If you cannot find stereomix, please check ‘indicate the device that you cannot use’ in the menu by click the right button of the mouse in the empty region. Then you can find stereomix. Please click the right button of the mouse again in the applicable stereomix and select ‘set the basic device’ or ‘use’. Then setting of stereomix is completed.
When you first program the video recorder, please select the ‘radio button’ called ‘program the video recorder’ and arrange recording after indicating start time and finish time.
If you use the high grade sound chipset, it cannot support stereomix or it is shown as the different names. First, please check if the chipset that you use has stereomix or not. If it doesn’t have stereomix, please find the same device with stereomix. If there is no any applicable device, please connect stereo jack to the sound out terminal and do it to microphone in terminal again. Then you can record videos.
If you use the sound out terminal as HDMI, recording cannot be done because signals cannot be delivered to stereomix. Please change it to the driver which can support stereo when you record videos if you can.
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